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Here to support and guide women as they navigate life as a mother, and your breastfeeding journey in a safe, inclusive and non judgemental space.

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Becoming a mother impacts a woman more than anything in her life. This time is filled with a rollercoaster of emotions as it comes with some of the biggest achievements and best memories, but it also carries some big challenges and feelings of being overwhelmed at certain points along the way. A key to being able to enjoy your new role is support and creating a circle of people around you who you can fall back on. At the Niagara Breastfeeding Centre, our goal is to provide an inclusive, safe, non-judgmental space for new mothers and their support systems. I believe It takes a village to raise a child, and my goal is to be part of that circle of support to make motherhood, and your breastfeeding goals more achievable.

What Clients Say

  • Thank god for Kirsten! I had my first child January 2017 at McMaster Children's Hospital with the help of Stoney Creek Midwives and the OB at the hospital. My daughter was born by C section and unfortunately my milk supply didn’t come in right away, therefore she was formula fed for a good few weeks. Addition to that, she didn’t latch on to my breast and I had to pump the milk to feed her. After talking to a friend of mine who recommended Kirsten to me, I decided to try/give her a call! Glad I did! She came by the house for our initial meeting, which went amazing. Her expertise on how to breastfeed a baby helped me achieve my goal. Breastfeeding is a dedication and its not for everyone. But, I was determined to nurse my daughter and my goal was to nurse her at least 3 months and we are going on our 11th month now!!! Kirsten helped me to get my daughter to latch on to my breast without a shield helped me gain my confidence back and not to doubt myself that she wasn’t taking enough food. Please keep in mind, when she leaves your place that she does not stop the communication with you. You can send her a message anytime and she will get back to you as efficient as possible with answers you are looking for. If you need peace of mind and I sure think all moms do, please see Kirsten because she will help you do that. I would 150% recommend her! Thank you for everything that you have done for my daughter and I
    Sandra and Isabella

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