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Here to support and guide women as they navigate life as a mother, and your breastfeeding journey in a safe, inclusive and non judgemental space.

Support from the Start

Becoming a mother impacts a woman more than anything in her life. This time is filled with a rollercoaster of emotions as it comes with some of the biggest achievements and best memories, but it also carries some big challenges and feelings of being overwhelmed at certain points along the way. A key to being able to enjoy your new role is support and creating a circle of people around you who you can fall back on. At the Niagara Breastfeeding Centre, our goal is to provide an inclusive, safe, non-judgmental space for new mothers and their support systems. I believe It takes a village to raise a child, and my goal is to be part of that circle of support to make motherhood, and your breastfeeding goals more achievable.

What Clients Say

  • I met Kirsten through my Doula after the birth of my baby boy. I knew I'd need an LC due to my inverted nipples and my deep desire to breast feed. Without a doubt, I was determined and Kirsten believed in me, when I had very little support from my own family! Kirsten saw me through: nipple shields, calendula creams, vitamins, pumping, hot compresses and "oh yes - kleenex donuts." I would recommend Kirsten to any new mother who has a desire to breast feed. Kirsten has a lovely deposition, she is compassionate, and devoted to her clients. Kirsten checked in with me constantly, and we communicated often about any concerns I had. At this point, my son is 7 months old, and is still breast feeding. I never imagined with my thyroid condition, and my ripe age of 42, that I could successfully breast feed. It has been the most enjoyable journey I could ever have had with my little one. I want to encourage other mothers to seek help through an LC; and I truly believe women need each others support through this process and journey!
    L.Kotsopoulos and Elias

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